Play mode


Play mode enables prototyping your project as an interactive choice game, meaning that you or someone else can play out your dialogues or interactions in your browser.

  • Play mode focuses on the content of one element in each page.
  • Element cover images and icons appear in Play mode.
  • Each outgoing connection appears as a clickable option button underneath the element content.
  • Clicking an option button will focus play mode to the element targeted by that connection.

Starting element

To enable Play mode for your project you must assign an element as your Starting element, which will indicate the first screen of play mode. To set a Starting element right click on an element and select Set as starting element from the menu. To remove a starting elemeng right click on it and select Remove starting element.

Start play mode

To view your project in Play mode click on the play icon at the top right of the navigation bar.

{success} Making changes in your project updates play mode in ⚡ real-time!

Changing order of options

You can change the order of the selectable options in each page of Play mode by dragging and dropping each option.

{info} Changing the order of the clickable options is currently possible only through Play mode.