A project consists of multiple graphs called boards. Each board contains Entities like Elements, Connections, Notes and Jumpers.

{primary} Board elements can be connected via Jumpers allowing you to break down a long flow to multiple boards.

Boards help in the organisation and structure of your project. If you are writing a book boards can correspond to the various chapters, if you are creating a game they could model the levels e.t.c. Use boards however you see fit in order to structure your project in the best possible way.

Example uses of boards

Some boards use cases include but are not limited to:

  • Dialogue sequences
  • Quest storylines
  • Plot chapters
  • Location maps
  • Cinematic storyboards
  • Puzzle mechanics
  • Story outlines

Creating boards and board folders

To create a new board or folder:

  • Click on the (+) icon which appears when hovering over a board or board folder row, or right click anywhere on the board or folder row.
  • Select Create board or Create folder from the menu.

Renaming boards

To rename a board or board folder right click on the board item in the sidebar and select Rename.

Board properties

To access the prperties of a board right click on its name on the sidebar and select Properties... from the menu. To access the properties of the current board you can also right click on an empty area on the workspace and select Properties...

Board ID

You can add a custom board Id which will be exported in the JSON export.

Content & Word count

The total number of elements, notes, jumpers in the board as well as a word count for the board.

Components referenced in this board

The components that are attached inside elements of the board.

Deleting boards or folders

To delete a board or board folder right click on the board item in the sidebar and select Delete.

Selecting entities

Any board entity (element, connection, note or jumper) can be selected by clicking on it. To select multiple entities you can either:

  • Enclose them in a selection rectangle by holding Shift or Ctrl/Cmd while dragging.
  • Click each entity consecutively while holding Shift or Ctrl/Cmd.