Components represent reusable entities in your project and can be used for all sorts of object types, even abstract things (e.g. weather, a feeling). Each component has a title, may hold one or more properties and optionally a cover image.

Example uses

Components can be used to store data for:

  • 👩 Characters (Player, NPC, Enemy)
  • ⚔️ Items (Weapon, Key, Puzzle piece)
  • 🏰 Locations (Space station, Forest, Blacksmith)
  • 🧩 Information (Skill, Quest, Ability)
  • Abstract (Progress, Time, Status)

Creating components and folders

To create a new component or component folder:

  • Click on the (+) icon which appears when hovering over a component or component folder row (or right click anywhere on the component or folder row).
  • Select from the dropdown Create component or Create folder.

Editing components

To edit a component click on the component item in the sidebar.

Component Properties

A component can have an unlimited number of Properties. Each property has a name and a value. Property values are treated as strings.

Creating component properties

To add a property to a component click on the Add Propery button at the bottom of the component. New properties will appear at the bottom.

Resizing properties

To resize a property click on the double arrow icon at the top right part of the property. Properties can be either half width or full width (default).

Deleting properties

To delete a property bring your mouse cursor on top of the property and click on the appearing trashcan icon.

Reordering properties

Properties can be reordered by dragging them from the dots icon at their top left corner.

Attaching assets to components

To attach an image asset to a component:

  • Open the component edit screen by clicking on the component in the sidebar.
  • Click on change cover at the top right corner.
  • Browse and select an image asset.

{success} An asset will also be created and attached to a component as cover when dropping an image file from your drive or browser on the top area of the component (in edit mode).

Attaching components to elements

Components can be attached on elements. This can be useful if you want e.g. to reference a certain character, item, or location during a story or dialogue point. To attach a component on an element drag and drop it from the sidebar over the element. To remove it drag and drop it on an empty workspace area. Removing a component from an element simply removes the reference and does not delete the component.

Deleting components or folders

To delete a component or component folder right click on the component row in the sidebar and select Delete from the menu.

{info} When deleting a component all mentions and references of this component will be removed as well.

{warning} Deleting a component folder will ALSO delete all components inside that folder and its subfolders