Mentions are internal links to components and boards in a project. You can create mentions while typing in:

In the project's workspace, mentions appear as orange-coloured text.

{info} On Play Mode, mentions are not distinguished from the rest of the text.

Mentions have the following important advantages:

  • 🔗 Quick access: clicking on the orange text opens the referenced component or board.
  • 👀 Name updates: When you rename a component or board, all the mentions automatically get up-to-date.

Mentioning a component or board

To mention an existing component or board:

  • While typing, press the @ character.
  • Begin typing the component or board's name.
  • Select the relevant component or board from the dropdown menu.

{success} You can also create a component & mention it at the same time by typing the name of the component after the @ character and pressing enter. Your component will be created, named and mentioned automatically without you having to stop writing!