Arcweave overview

Arcweave is a cloud SaaS application. It provides a browser-based collaborative space where design and narrative teams can conceptualize, structure, plan and scale their project architecture alongside development.

Who is it for?

Arcweave is used worldwide by:

  • Game designers & developers
  • Interactive fiction writers
  • Conversational AI developers
  • Narrative & Quest designers
  • Escape room creators
  • UX/UI designers
  • Creative & Marketing writers


  • 🚩 Unlimited boards/graphs in the same project
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Real-time collaboration between editors
  • 🖼️ Asset management
  • 👾 3800+ game oriented icons
  • 🛡️ Components (characters, items, locations)
  • 🚀 Export content to .json and import to Unity via our free plugin
  • 🎮 Prototype story/dialogue as a choice game
  • 📱 Touch device compatibility

Touch device actions

This guide is intendend for mouse/trackpad + keyboard devices. Please refer to the following table for the relevant keyboard actions in touch devices.

Keyboard Touch device
Click Tap
Double click Double Tap
Right click Long Press

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