Branches are used in conjuction with Arcscript and are the equivalent of a regular conditional statement. A branch can hold an infinite number of conditions. Branches have the potential to turn your project into a fully interactive game in Play mode!

Creating branches

You can create a branch in 2 ways:

  • Drag and drop the new branch icon (bottom left corner) on a empty workspace area.
  • Right click on an empty workspace area and select Create Branch from the menu.

Editing branches

A branch can have a sigle or multiple conditions (think of an if / elseif / else statement). To edit a condition double click in it. To exit editing mode press esc.

{primary} You can add/remove the else condition from a branch by right clicking on it and selecting Remove else. Elseif conditions can be removed by the x icon appearing at the end of the condition during editing.

Using branches

Branches can be used to indicate whether a condition connection will be rendered as an option in Play mode. For example, let's say you have element A connected to element B via a branch condition if foo == bar. If you are in element A during Play Mode and the condition is True then the option to move to element B is visible otherwise it does not show at all.

Deleting branches

To delete a branch either:

  • Select it and press Delete or Backspace.
  • Right click on it and select Delete selection from the menu.

Changing theme

To change the color theme of a branch right click on it and select one of the available colors from the menu.