Elements are the most basic board entity of Arcweave. They represent the nodes that when connected, create your interactive story.

{primary} Flow of content between connecting elements can be prototyped in Play mode

Example Uses

You can use Elements for:

  • Game story/plot
  • Dialogues
  • Quests
  • Cutscenes
  • Skill/tech trees
  • State machines

Creating elements

You can create an element in 3 ways:

  • Drag and drop the new element icon (bottom left corner) on a empty workspace area.
  • Double click on an empty workspace area.
  • Right click on an empty workspace area and select Create Element from the menu.

Editing elements

To edit an element title or content double-click its title or content respectively. To cycle between editing title and content press tab. To exit editing mode press esc.

{primary} You can quickly auto-resize an element to fit to its content by double clicking on any of its corner or edge resize handles.

Deleting elements

To delete an element either:

  • Select it and press Delete or Backspace.
  • Right click on it and select Delete from the menu.

Changing theme

To change the color theme of an element right click on it and select one of the available colors from the menu.


You can attach components, image assets or icons to elements:

  • To attach a component drag and drop it from the sidebar to the element. You can attach multiple components that way. Attached components can be reordered via drag and drop and can be moved to other elements. To remove an attached component drop it on an empty workspace area.
  • To attach an image asset as an element cover drag and drop it from the Assets tab in the sidebar. An element can have only one cover image. To remove it right click on the element and select Remove cover.
  • To attach an icon as an element cover right click on the element and select Set cover.., then select the Icon Library tab.

Starting element

See here how to set the starting element for your project.


Elements can hold scripts written in Arcscript, the scripting language of Arcweave. To add arcscript code inside an element click on the arcscript segment icon in the toolbar while editing the element content. To exit the block press Enter.

{primary} To mark/unmark an arcscript segment you can also use the shortcut Ctr/Cmd+Shift+C