Connections are the arrows that connect two elements. They link a source element (connection start) to a target element (connection arrowhead).

Connections indicate possible directions of the story flow in a board.

{info} Connections also connect elements to branches and jumpers.

Creating connections

To create a connection from an element to another:

  • Click and drag near the source element's perimetre.
  • Release either at one of the sides or inside the target element.

A connection's placement will be either fixed to the dropped side or automatic: its ends will always place themselves in such a way as to cover the shortest possible distance between the source and the target element.

Moving connections

You can change a connection's source or target by dragging and dropping its endpoints to a different element.

Deleting connections

To delete a connection:

  • Select it and press Delete or Backspace.


  • Right-click on it and choose Delete selection.


  • Drag and drop any of its endpoints to an empty area of the board.

Connection labels

Connections can optionally take labels.

On play mode, the text of a connection's label appears as the text of the respective clickable option on that element.

Creating labels

To create a label:

  • Right click the connection and select Create label.


  • Double click anywhere on the connection.

You can then start typing the label's text.

Labels allow rich text format (bold, italics, underline).

Once finished writing a label, press escape or tab.

Editing labels

To edit a label:

  • Right click its connection and select Edit label.


  • Double click anywhere on its connection.

Deleting labels

To delete a label:

  • Hover the mouse cursor over the label.
  • Click on the (x) icon that appears at its top right corner.


  • Delete all its text and press esc or tab.

Changing theme

To change the colour theme of a connection, right-click on it and select one of the available colours from the menu.

Changing type

Connections have three types, Bezier (default), Straight and Flowchart.

To change a connection type, right-click on the connection and choose one of the available type icons.

{success} The most recently selected connection type becomes the default connection type for new connections.