Connections are the arrow-lines that connect two Elements. A connection links a source element (connection start) to a target element (connection arrowhead). Connections are used to indicate the direction of the flow in a board.

{info} Only elements that are linked with connections will show during Play mode.

Creating connections

A connection can be created by clicking and dragging near the perimeter of the source element. Then the connection can be dropped anywhere on the target element. Connection source and target elements can be changed at any time by dragging and dropping the connection endpoints. Connection placement is automatic: They will always place themselves in such a way as to cover the shortest possible distance between the two elements.

Moving connections

A connection endpoint can be moved and reattached to a another element by dragging and dropping the endpoint to a different element. Both connection start and end points can be moved and reattached.

Deleting connections

To delete a connection select it and press Delete or Backspace. Alternatively you can drag and drop any of its endpoints to an empty workspace spot.

Connection labels

A Connection may optionally have a label. A label can be used to describe a condition, a user option or anything else related to the connection.

{info} Connection labels turn to clickable options in Play mode.

Creating labels

To create a label:

  • Right click the connection and select Create label from the contextmenu.
  • Double click anywhere on the connection.

Editing labels

To edit a label:

  • Right click the connection with a label and select Edit label from the contextmenu.
  • Double click anywhere on the connection with a label.

Deleting labels

Labels can be deleted by clicking on the x icon at the top right part of the label (appears on mouse hover). A label will also be deleted by removing all of its content.

Changing theme

To change the color theme of a connection right click on it and select one of the available colors from the menu.

Changing type

Connections have three types, Bezier, Straight and Flowchart. The default type is Bezier. To change a connection type right click on the connection and click on one of the available type icons.

{success} The most recently selected connection type becomes the default connection type for new connections.