Version 2.3.0 - Editor & Viewer comments, Undo last choice in Play Mode, Element word count

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 2 years ago

    Comment usage demo

    Hey everyone,

    We have just released Version 2.3.0, which supports comments and the ability to undo while debugging on play mode! 🎉🥳🎉 

    Here are the goodies, in detail:


    • Comments: As an editor or viewer, you can now add comments to a project.
      • Create a comment by dragging the New comment icon from the bottom toolbar anywhere to the workspace.
      • View the project's comments list by clicking on the Comments icon on the window's top right.
      • Navigate to any comment by clicking its preview on the comments list.
      • Reply, mark as resolved, and delete any comment.
      • Get notified by email, every time a collaborator comments on the common project (More details on how to use comments in the docs)
      • Comments are available in all tiers, including free. 
    • Undo while debugging: As an editor, you can now Undo last choice, while debugging on play mode. 
      • Test your player's choices, without constantly restarting play mode.
      • Find the Undo last choice button at the bottom of your Debug drawer. (It becomes available after you've made the first choice.)
      • Rewind your choices one by one, all the way to the beginning, if you have to.
      • Variable values follow your backtracking accordingly.
    • Element word count: You can now see any element's word count by right-clicking it and choosing Properties


    • You can now invite anyone to a project and not just existing Arcweave users. (Non-registered users will be taken through the registration procedure first.)


    • Fixed a bug where duplicating a component would not duplicate its attributes
    • Fixed various issues with CSV exports
    • Removed redundant 'content' field from attributes in JSON export
    • Fixed an issue with being able to drag new connections with mouse middle button


    • Due to the viewers' new ability to leave comments, the Free plan can now have up to two viewers only. The good news: if your project has already more viewers, you don't lose them, but you can't add any more.