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Design your flow

Story flow

Show those diagrams who's boss

Connect your elements and visualize your story's flow in minutes.

Rich text

Write in rich text

Bold, italics, underline, hyperlinks—it's all here. Plus blockquote, for text that must stand out.

Code segments

Insert code segments

Add short lines of code to assign variables or manipulate text content.


Add conditions

Check variable states and divert the flow with if/elseif/else branches.

Build your world's components


Characters, items, locations

Create components for everything in your story and visualize them with custom images or Arcweave's built-in icon library.


Customize their attributes

Add text fields or attach other components, to signify inventory or character relations.

Icon library

Icon library

Find and use more than 4000 free game symbols and icons in Arcweave’s built-in library.


Upload your images

Use your own sketches or artwork for components and elements.

Drag and drop

Attach them to your flow

Drag components into your elements, for visual reference.

Mention components

Do mention it

Access your components instantly and keep their names up to date by adding dynamic @mentions.

Optimize your workflow



Find and teleport to any project item in seconds.



Elements too far apart? Perhaps even on different boards? Connect them with a jumper.


Organize your material

Create subfolders for your boards, components, and assets.



Invite collaborators

Bring colleagues into your project as viewers or editors, allowing them to comment or edit in real time.


Leave comments

Give and receive feedback from your collaborators.


Take notes

When comments are not enough—or if you are the sticky type.

Play and Export


Run your prototype

Run your project as a choice-based game on Play Mode and share it online with friends and colleagues.



While playing, inspect your variables' state and catch them nasty bugs and errors.

Export as Image or PDF

Export boards as images or PDF

Download any board, as JPEG, PNG, and PDF. Want to print? Try the ink-friendly export mode.

Export as JSON

Export JSON & Assets

Export your project as JSON, CSV or XLSX, to import into your engine of choice. Download it with all its assets in a nice ZIP or fetch it through our Web API.

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