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Lost Paradise

“If you're creating an RPG, Arcweave is the Narrative Design tool you've always wanted. Fast, elegant and extremely customizable to our organizational needs.”

Giacomo Montagnoli
Creative Director at Glasshouse

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“What impresses about Arcweave is how accessible and lightweight it is. You can have a branching narrative visualization whipped up in an hour using the intuitive browser app and UI, collaborate with your team with very little hassle and expand, test, prototype and so on from there.”

Danny Salfield Wadeson Danny Salfield Wadeson AAA Narrative Designer

“I'm really enjoying using Arcweave, and it has quickly become an essential part of my game-making and storytelling toolkit. I can start writing and plotting quickly and with the absolute minimum of fuss, while still being able to add more logic and complexity whenever I need to.”

Andrew Crawshaw Andrew Crawshaw Creative Director/Founder. Thunkd Games Ltd

“Arcweave is easy to navigate, we can get a quick overview over all the dialogue we have on each board, and we can jump and forth. Also the coding part, I am not a coder, and I can use it with ease, so it’s a big plus for me to use Arcweave.”

Tobias Tranell Tobias Tranell Co-developer of Space Chef

“Our customers love using Arcweave to write their dialogue and quests. Writers can work collaboratively in Arcweave's friendly web interface without having to learn Unity. Arcweave makes it easy for them to import and run their content in the Dialogue System for Unity.”

Pixel Crushers Pixel Crushers Creator of Dialogue System for Unity

“Arcweave allows you to house information concisely and update, share, build… I think it’s one of the few software I’ve seen that works for XR production without being clumsy.”

Debbie Deer Debbie Deer Director of the IBPOC Fellowship, Arcweave Ambassador

“We've been using Arcweave for years and it's amazing for making dialogue-heavy video games, and we plan on using it for the foreseeable future.”

Nokori Ware Robot Farm Game Nokori Ware

"With Arcweave we had the chance and the perfect tool to examine and “unroll” many concepts in their almost final shape, not to mention it being the right tool to visualize our development workflow in the most intuitive and complete way."

Antonino Truisi Antonino Truisi Founder, Stigma Studios

“Arcweave has been the core of making our game… I really like Arcweave, I like the fact that it’s collaborative and the fact that I can just create these really great flowcharts and visually see how the game progresses.”

Harun Ali Harun Ali CEO of Bad Reaction Games

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