Coming next

Some of the features we are currently working on.


Add variables and state management to elements and connections.

Document boards

Introduce a new board type for writing things down in an article format.

Project import

Enable import of exported projects.


Add editor commenting functionality.


Include quick navigation minimap.

Recent updates

Nested component references NOVEMBER 2020

Enable referencing of components inside other components.

Custom Team seats NOVEMBER 2020

Team plan now supports up to 10 seats.

Additional exports NOVEMBER 2020

Projects can now be exported to .csv, .xlsx, .jpg, .png and .pdf formats.

Connection types NOVEMBER 2020

Added Straight and Flowchart connection styles.

Project duplication JULY 2020

Add duplicate project functionality in project list.

Asset management JULY 2020

Enable upload and management of image files.

Connection styling JULY 2020

Introduce different connection colors.

Touch support MAY 2020

Implement pinch, double tap and long press actions for item & component manipulations.

Improved Component icons MAY 2020

Added 3800+ new component icons & icon search functionality.

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