Coming next

Some of the features we are currently working on.

Unreal plugin

Integrate and sync Arcweave with the Unreal game engine.


Shared project spaces between teams.

Screenplay formatting

Enable screenplay text formatting in elements and notes.

Document boards

Write things down in an article format.

Component Templates

Attribute inheritance from multiple templates.


Board overview and quick navigation.

Project history

See project changes and revert to previous states.

Recent updates

Element attributes JULY 2023

Add string, rich text and component list attributes to elements.

Unity plugin JUNE 2023

Export project data and arcscript logic to Unity C# files.

Arcscript in labels APRIL 2023

Enable scripting inside connection labels.

Audio attachments APRIL 2023

Audio attachments and playback in play mode.

Godot import JANUARY 2023

Export project data and arcscript logic to Godot .gd files.

Export API JANUARY 2023

Allow access to project data through web API.

Project import DECEMBER 2022

Import previously exported projects.

Improved Connections JUNE 2022

More control points & attachment options for connections.

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