2020 Roadmap

  • Jumper elements: Create a jump/shortcut node to any element in the project.Done
  • Simulation mode: Play out your game story, dialogues and interactions in a simulation view resembling an adventure game.Done
  • Touch support: Implement pinch to zoom and tap-drag to pan. Enable double tap and long press for element editing.
  • Comments: Add commenting functionality inside Arcweave boards and components.
  • Component references inside components: Enable mentioning/ drag-n-drop of components inside other components.
  • Document boards: Introduce new document board type for writing things down in an article format
  • Connection arrow and label styling: Add different connection colors and styles (straight or curved).
  • Asset management: Introduce option to upload and manage assets (.zip, images, docs .e.t.c) and attach them to components and elements.
  • Connections on element sides: Option to attach connection startpoint or endpoint to a specific element side (currently side is selected automatically based on element distance).

2019 Roadmap

  • Component icons: Inroduce icon library and option to assign icons to components.Done
  • Snap to grid: Option to turn on/off element and note snapping to grid.Done
  • Realtime collaboration: Enable users working on the same project synchronously or asynchronously.Done
  • User Roles: Implement roles for user projects so that when a user enables access to one of his projects he can select who can edit and who can view.Done
  • Spell checking: Option to enable or disable browser spell checking for elements, notes and components.Done