Version 1.7 - Additional exports, custom team seats, more colors & connection styles

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 9 months ago

    Hi everyone,

    Just in time for November we have some updates for you to warm things up after Halloween! 


    • New export options: You can now export your Arcweave projects in the following additional formats:
      • Spreadsheet: CSV and XLSX (.xlsx supports internal links between sheets)
      • Image: PNG or JPG in small, medium or large size. Image export also includes a print friendly option with light colors.
      • PDF: Vector with selectable text. Pdf export also includes a print friendly option with light colors.
    • Custom seat number for team tier: Team plans now start from 5 seats and can support up to 10 seats in total. The seat number can be easily upgraded/downgraded at any time.
    • Additional colors: Refreshed the color palette and added 6 more color options for elements, notes and connections. 🌈
    • Connections styles: Connections now support two additional styles apart from the default curved Bezier: Straight and Flowchart.


    • Replaced default sharing image (when sharing arcweave links to social networks) with the new logo
    • Added an item limit circular icon on the top bar (visible only to free users)
    • Updated documentation with additional info on connection types and exports
    • Are you a full stack web dev interested in working with us? We now have a careers page at arcweave.com/careers 


    • Removed long press on elements, notes, connections and jumpers for non-touch devices
    • Can now remove multiple covers simultaneously from selected elements