Two way connections and anchor points

Feature Requests & Suggestions
  • MA
    Maru A. 1 year ago

    I would find a two-way connector of some sort to be useful.

    Simply a connector that displays as an arrow at both ends. (And ideally functions both ways in play mode)
    Or the ability to have two connectors that run parallel to each other and "group" them. (Functionally the same as how it works now, just a different visual arangement)

    Also the ability to have the connector "anchor" to a certian point on an element. Like draging the point of the connection to a corner, for example. Since right now they just seem to center automatically.

    I'm using arcweave to make a literal map and the current connecor behavior is making a bit of a mess of doorways. I guess that might be a specific use case, but I think the ability to customize the way connections are arranged visually would help the presentation of some other types of flowcharts as well. 

  • PK
    Panayotis Kalaitzoglou 1 year ago

    Both the ability to have two way connectors and to anchor on specific points would be helpful. We have put both requests on our list, and we will tackle them as soon as we complete our other tasks.