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Witchcrafter: Empire Legends


A systemic, dark fantasy metroidvania RPG where you are a young witchcrafter striving to control his power of 4 elements on a journey to find a mythical fifth one and save his kidnapped father.

Paweł Jarosz

In Witchcrafter: Empire Legends you play with elemental magic in a systemic playground. You will be able to master a total of 8 elements: 4 main and 4 derivative. Fire propagation, water simulation, air flow and terraforming - use 4 elements magic spells to your advantage.
Interact with both enemies and environment!

The war-torn empire contrasts with the young witchcrafter’s peaceful home. Estel will get mature along his journey for a stone desired by everyone. You will face both kind and deceptive folks, each with diverse beliefs, past, motives, relationships and worldview.

Emporia is a beautiful and diverse, yet dangerous and monster infested land. There are places of old rituals and mysterious remnants of forgotten civilisations, waiting to be discovered. You are Estel, a young, orphaned adept of witchcrafting, who rises far to the west in an isolation with his patron, Trismegistos, who is teaching you witchcrafting. Meanwhile, Mordon, a necromancer and an emperor of the southern Navia is invading your lands - Emporia with an army of mutated, undead monsters. He is desiring a mythical stone called Xerion, that could allow to control the matter freely with a hope to revive his loved ones, that were killed because of his decisions. Trismegistos, your step-father is the only withcrafter able to stop him and thus Mordon kidnapps him.

You need to find your father and stop the mad necromancer from obtaining an unpredictable source of power!

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