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The Nefertiti Experience

XR Theatre

The Nefertiti Experience: Your Ultimate Immersive Destination

by Debbie Deer, Orion Digital Inc

Featured in the Toronto International Film Festival's Deep Focus, The Center of Social Innovation, Blockobana and selected for the 2023 Fringe Festival. This innovative hybrid production takes bold steps into evolving the way we tell stories in theatre.

Set in Ancient Egypt, Nefertiti (Story of a Rebel Queen) is an Afro-futuristic, XR theatre production including virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. This piece is about a beautiful queen who uses spiritual warfare to overthrow an unscrupulous government. Using clairvoyance, Nefertiti discovers that the Egyptian priesthood is stealing the telluric (magical) energy of the city to build a new civilization of soldiers and citizens who are under mind control. 

The predominant themes are feminism, political justice, love and mysticism.

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