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Star Trucker


Take control of an intergalactic big rig in a game that blends the popular truck sim genre with rpg elements and improvised problem solving.

by Monster and Monster, Raw Fury

Hop into the driver's seat of your rocket-powered big rig as you haul cargo, scavenge for salvage and interact with an eclectic cast of star-hopping truckers in this Americana-infused journey on the ultimate open road - space!

Cruise the hyper highways, taking on a variety of jobs such as fuel hungry long hauls and hazardous drop-offs to earn cash and unlock new content.

While on the open road use the fully voiced, interactive CB radio to get the latest gossip from fellow truckers, request docking permissions or send out an SOS.

Swing by auto-shops to upgrade and improve your truck systems, giving you access to exciting and potentially dangerous new areas.

With new trade routes open, take the opportunity to earn a little extra on the side from buying and selling small goods, or contraband at trading posts and stations along the way.

Keep your core systems online and gravity compensator running while managing the cab’s climate control and hull charge to prevent deterioration.

Juggle this alongside patching your hull and replacing components to avoid death… or even worse, the expense of a roadside recovery!

Use the galactic map to plan your journey and warp jumps, while keeping an eye on your fuel reserves and power levels.

Once your route is set, kick back, crank up the cab hi-fi and cruise to a selection of original songs covering starburst blues, galactic rock and asteroid infused americana. The open road is waiting!

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