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Space Chef

Cooking & Action

Conquer the final frontier with nothing but your grandma’s recipe book and your trusty spatula!


Restaurants across the galaxy are in danger! After the notorious Galactic Burger arrives in your neighbourhood, local kitchens have begun mysteriously…blowing up. And where have all those beloved family recipes disappeared to?

You’re an aspiring chef with only a simple space trailer and the remnants of your grandma's cookbook to your name. Will you rise to the challenge? Rebuild your home, explore the galaxy, cook up cosmic cuisine, and become the greatest Space Chef in the universe!

Space Chef is a 2D open-world action/cooking adventure with a unique art style and all the wackiness you’d expect from a space western. A cast of zany characters? Check. A bunch of colorful planets to explore and alien creatures to encounter? Check. Multiple horrifying space-themed ways to die? Also check!

Play on your own or with a friend in local couch co-op and build your own galactic food empire. Travel to alien worlds in search of the freshest ingredients (which may or may not cooperate) and use them to cook stellar snacks for your hungry customers. Upgrade your base into a one-stop-ship for all your needs, from farming and frying to fabricating helper bots and fighting off space pirates.

And remember, in the vacuum of space, no one can hear you scream… …for ice cream.

‏‏‎The Galactic Hunter-Gatherer

If you want to make a name for yourself throughout the galaxy, you’re going to need the finest ingredients that the cosmos has to offer!

Travel to distant planets in search of exotic fruits and vegetables, or perhaps some seeds to take back home with you. After all, when it comes to growing alien life in an enclosed space, what’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like any of those plants are going to grow teeth and try to eat you or, worse still, develop sentience and start talking to you in the middle of the night.

Look, don’t forget to bring a weapon with you, particularly if you want to put meat on your menu. Most animals you’ll come across aren’t partial to the idea of being sandwiched between two seeded buns, so they might need some… explosive convincing.


The Cosmic Chef

Once your pantry is full of delectable and surprisingly wriggly ingredients, it’s time to get cooking! After all, Leela from sector Z9 gets very cranky if she doesn’t get her daily bucket of grilled ratoids on time. Don’t ask us what she does with them.

Harvest homegrown ingredients straight from your ship’s planters, raid that refrigerator, rip open that recipe book, and dust off all those cooking utensils you have lying around. You can’t get space-tetanus from a rusty spatula, right?

As you explore further and further into space, you’ll find blueprints for even more advanced cooking appliances, instructions for building helper bots, and new recipes that will help you expand your operation. You’re sure to go from a tiny takeaway to a gargantuan gourmet eatery in no time!

The Daring Deliverer

Get that stargazy pie out of the oven and that galaxy soup into a thermos, because you’ve got deliveries to make… in 30 minutes or less!

Hop into your space scooter and journey to far-flung workplaces during the lunchtime rush, the dinner-time dash, and the brunch-time busy…period. You get the idea. Wherever there’s a grumbling stomach and a wallet full of cash, you’ll be there!

You know who else will be there?

Space pirates!

Make sure to upgrade your ship with an arsenal of weapons and stop those pirates from plundering your bite-sized booty!

If you’re not strapped for cash, why not take some time off from work and head out to explore the galaxy?

Just make sure you turned the oven off before you go!

The Fearless Friend

The vast and unforgiving vacuum of space can be a lonely place, so why not bring a friend? We recommend choosing one you can outrun, just in case.

With local couch co-op, you and an another crewmate can traverse the star-studded galaxy from the comfort of your own home. Together, you’ll head out on epic adventures, take on grisly beasts, and have heated arguments about who overcooked that handful of Chip Chip Worms you worked so hard to raise.

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