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Space Chef

Cooking & Action

Conquer the final frontier with nothing but your grandma’s recipe book and your trusty spatula!


Restaurants across the galaxy are in danger! After the notorious Galactic Burger arrives in your neighbourhood, local kitchens have begun mysteriously…blowing up. And where have all those beloved family recipes disappeared to?

You’re an aspiring chef with only a simple space trailer and the remnants of your grandma's cookbook to your name. Will you rise to the challenge? Rebuild your home, explore the galaxy, cook up cosmic cuisine, and become the greatest Space Chef in the universe!

Space Chef is a 2D open-world action/cooking adventure with a unique art style and all the wackiness you’d expect from a space western. A cast of zany characters? Check. A bunch of colorful planets to explore and alien creatures to encounter? Check. Multiple horrifying space-themed ways to die? Also check!

Play on your own or with a friend in local couch co-op and build your own galactic food empire. Travel to alien worlds in search of the freshest ingredients (which may or may not cooperate) and use them to cook stellar snacks for your hungry customers. Upgrade your base into a one-stop-ship for all your needs, from farming and frying to fabricating helper bots and fighting off space pirates.

And remember, in the vacuum of space, no one can hear you scream… …for ice cream.

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