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Robot Farm Game


Robot Farm is a jRPG life-sim game by NOKORIWARE that intends to immerse the player in a fantasy life where they explore a rich world and go on strange adventures, but have a home to return to and regroup for the next adventure!


Rebuild the world.

Make a home, farm, build, explore, fight, save the world. Then create your own.

Robot Farm is a Life-Sim RPG, set after a cataclysmic war that has ravaged the planet and caused the people to mysteriously disappear. When these people begin to suddenly reappear in the world, awakened with the "memory" of their lives long-past, they attempt to recover and return to their once peaceful lives before this avalanche of strife befell them.

Being one of many survivors, you see both the fragments of what is, and what can be. Not only this, but you have a gift to decide these pieces of fate: the "Aokobots.” Machines that were left dormant during the sleep civilization had fallen into, respond to your words and thoughts, and yours alone. In a world of full mystery and danger, what will you do to make it home once more?


Explore: Explore a world that will be constantly expanded through updates and player mods. Undertake quests, explore dungeons, and solve mysteries in an ever expanding world. But it won’t be easy: you’ll need the proper equipment to make it across these arduous lands.

Fight: alongside your robot companions, “Aokobots,” and other NPCs with our new hybrid Turn-based system. Fight in real-time against weaker enemies, and engage in strategic turn based battles against strong foes that require teamwork. Our unique system introduces combos, keyboard movement, and using items/traps while fighting in Tactics-based combat - all while taking place on the overworld.

Make a home: find a place to settle down, buy land, and begin building your own place to call home. Live in towns, interact with your neighbors - and maybe even settle down with the person of your dreams!

Create a farming empire: with the help of your Aokobots, build and protect a automated massive farms that will help you fund your adventures and reconstruction efforts! Our farming system will be a combination of traditional farming games and fort-building games.

Experience our story. Save the world: While the reconstruction of the world is well underway, many feel uneasy not fully understanding what happened all those years ago. What caused everyone to disappear, why are they reappearing now? Will it happen again? It’s up to you to reconnect the world and answer these questions! Experience the story we’re making - or perhaps, explore the world of another person’s creation made with our World Editor.

The World Editor: Dedicated Modding Tools - Create your own worlds: The tools used to develop Robot Farm will be made fully available to the players; create your own worlds, your own stories, your own characters, and share them online by using our dedicated development and modding tools!

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