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It's Grim Up North

Point & Click

Our hero Terry is enjoying life in God’s own county, Yorkshire, until he makes a shocking discovery. His quaint English village has been invaded by... ALIENS.

Bad Reaction Games

Terry, the local detective, arrives at his favourite pub only to learn that some of the local people have been taken over by shape-shifting aliens. It is now up to Terry to investigate the locals and find the imposters among them. With his quick wit, skills and a bunch of sarcasm can Terry uncover the identities of all the aliens hiding among the village population before his knees give way!?​ In this point and click adventure, the only way to deduce who is impersonating the locals is by interacting with different quirky characters and questioning them.

You must try your best to outsmart to aliens by using your local knowledge against them and the best way of doing that is by completing a bunch of fun and ridiculous puzzles like the point and click games of the past!

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