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Survival Horror FPS

What started as a relaxing day off with your partner suddenly takes a turn when you find yourself waking up alone at the metro station of a creepy, abandoned complex owned by a mysterious megacorporation.


Drawing inspiration from retro classics like Deus Ex and System Shock, Incoherence is an immersive survival horror FPS set within the enigmatic confines of an abandoned complex. In this game, you'll delve into a world where exploration is key. Scour for hidden items that reveal the way forward and allow you to craft useful resources. Gain experience through your actions and unlock an array of skills and weapon upgrades, enhancing your ability to navigate the complex's many challenges. Master the art of controlling electronic devices, giving you a crucial advantage against the enigmatic inhabitants of the complex.

As you explore, the story of the megacorporation unravels through a rich blend of environmental storytelling and interactions with NPCs. Engage in conversations with the remnants of the corporation's employees, each character offering unique insights and pieces of the puzzle. Discover the narrative layers hidden in notes and emails left behind, piecing together the events that led to the corporation's downfall.




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