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Hospital Management Simulator

Build, manage and optimise intergalactic hospitals! Recruit staff to satisfy the whims of various alien species, and cure their bizarre illnesses - for money! Save the (literal) Galaxy in story mode, or head into sandbox to design the hospital of your dreams.

by Brightrock Games, CULT Games

You are the Director of Galacticare; manage your own interstellar healthcare company and (try to) save the Galaxy - just make sure to get paid first!

Design, furnish, and upgrade your hospital.

Hire doctors with distinct traits and backgrounds.

Keep everyone relatively content by satisfying their various needs.

Build and improve experimental treatment facilities.

Meet and recruit a variety of unique Consultants (DJs, monks, you name it!)

Explore their mechanics, levelling choices, and personalities.

Consultants stay and grow throughout the campaign, unlocking new skills and playstyle options as you progress.

Discover, research, and cure alien conditions.

Treat patients of all shapes and sizes: from puppy-sized lemurs to entire planets.

Provide healthcare for musical festivals, deep-space prisons, communal space farms, and industrial disasters; or go wild in sandbox mode.

Develop your relationship with each species, earning rewards from their respective cultures.

Use holographic doctors, short-range teleporters and subspace portals to micromanage your hospital’s performance.

Upgrade rooms, read the thoughts of everyone aboard your station and purchase equipment from a colossal wandering trader.

Raise your Hospital Rating - the only goal that truly matters.

Galacticare takes you on a colourful and bizarre journey - from humble beginnings orbiting 23rd-century Earth, to the internal world of an extra-dimensional deity.

It’s time to save the galaxy - one patient at a time!

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