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Career Captain


Career Captain creates a virtual twin of companies in which students can experience career opportunities in the form of a virtual career game.

by Career Captain, Maximilian Anzinger, Maximilian Hau

Career Captain is developing a recruiting tool that digitally replicates companies in the form of virtual company islands. Training content is placed in the virtual islands in the form of "career games". In these games, interested parties can get to know the profession virtually in 5-10 minutes. They have to complete tasks themselves and are accompanied and supported by a virtual trainer. The Career Captain solution has so far been made available as a browser game, which is particularly designed for responsive use, allowing it to be used on a wide range of end devices.

Through the innovative use of various interaction possibilities, Career Captain allows users to experience the profession immersively and thus replaces the obsolete text-based job advertisement.

Career Captain is positioned in the field of (vocational) education.

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