Version 2.9.0 - Web API, Godot export/plugin & example projects

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 1 year ago

    Hi all,

    Hope everyone is surviving the winter so far, I for once have been getting in and out of colds for the last couple of months. Fortunately we still managed to release another highly requested feature: Our brand new Web API is finally out! Alongside it, a freshly baked godot plugin (which magically transpiles arcscript logic to .gd functions) and a couple of example godot projects to demonstrate the integration capabilities. Stay healthy and creative!  


    • Web API: Web API: Team account owners can now generate API tokens to fetch Arcweave project data and use them in their dev environment. Data and arcscript logic can be fetched in .JSON format or transpiled .gd(godot) format. Documentation: https://arcweave.com/docs/1.0/api
    • Export for Godot & plugin: Pro accounts can now export their project data and logic directly to Godot .gd files and import them to godot via our new open source plugin. More on the plugin here https://arcweave.com/docs/1.0/godot-plugin and here https://github.com/Arcweave/arcweave-godot-plugin



    • Redesigned export modal to better accomodate the growing list of export options



    • Style and search bar fixes in project list.
    • Element & Note toolbar now repositions itself over the element/note if there is not enough space at the top or bottom of the element/note.