Version 2.8.0 - Import/Export project, element and note auto-resize, interactive movie example project

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 1 year ago

    Hey arcweavers,

    As we steadily march towards 2023 we went ahead and released one of the most user sought-out features since the birth of Arcweave: Import/export projects! We also sprinkled the update with a few other stuff you will like. Hop in below responsively: 


    • Εxport/Import project: Pro and Team users can now export and import their projects. To export a project backup go to the export modal, select the "Backup" tab and click Export. To import a project backup go to your project list and click "import project" from the bottom left corner, then select the relevant .arcw file (still in beta, expect some glitches)
    • Element/Note height autoresize: New elements and notes now autoresize their height based on content by default. If they are manually resized they keep the new height and any content inside scrolls if it is larger than the new size. To reset autoheight behavior double click on any corner or side resize handler.
    • Component references: Can now find a component's dragged references inside other components/elements in the project by right clicking on a component and selecting the "References..." option.
    • New example project: A new interactive movie example project (tremendously acted by the AW team) is now available. You can create and play around with it by going in your project list and selecting "Sample interactive movie" from the blank project dropdown.



    • Various performance improvements and optimizations
    • Youtube cover autoplay and ui controls switches: When setting a youtube video as an element cover you may now select whether the video will autoplay and/or show the default youtube controls in play mode.



    • Viewer & guest no longer appear to be able create connections and drag connectable board items.
    • Searching for a pattern in a large word will now show correctly in search results.