Version 2.7.0 - Youtube videos, project URL improvements, account navigation and more

  • PK
    Panos Kalaitzoglou 1 year ago

    Hello everyone, we just released v2.7.0 which has a few new features and multiple improvements.


    • You may embed youtube videos as element covers and add videos to your project or create interactive movies.
    • Project URL now may contain also board id, zoom level and the board coordinates. You can now share your exact project view with your collaborators, by sending them your current URL.
    • You may now create components while writing a mention. Τhe option to "Create..." the new component appears along with the familiar list of existing ones. (Note: for this action, use underscores to indicate spaces in the component's name.)
    • Users now may setup their billing information during checkout.


    • The account navigation is improved, since each section is now on its own URL. You may now start play mode from any board element. (Note: This does not affect your choice of starting element)
    • Arcscript: added min() and max() functions.
    • You may now copy content from user comments.
    • You may now copy content from play mode.
    • You may now find element outputs (outgoing connections) in csv export.
    • You can now confirm a comment with Ctr/Cmd+Enter.
    • Element & note toolbar now move beneath the element or note when it gets too close to the upper limit of the window.


    • Word count in elements now ignores code blocks.
    • Fixed an issue with the sidebar on mobile devices.
    • Fixed a bug with source endpoint theme (color) when moving connections.