Version 2.6.0 - Connections on item sides, improved debug mode, easier jumper creation, components in play mode

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 3 weeks ago

    Heya everyone! Things have been quiet on our side for a few months now (really sorry for that 🙏) Apparently upgrading core app libraries can prove to be a royal pain in the @ss and we had to confront some long overdue technical debt. Unfortunately the whole thing derailed us for a while and especially towards the end it felt like an uphill battle.

    But, we made it. The update is finally done, meanwhile our team has increased in size and our production pipeline has improved. So you can expect faster release cycles from now on. But let's get on to the real reason why you re here:


    • Can now pin connections to element, jumper and branch sides: Dropping a connection to a side will "stick" it to that side while dropping it inside the item will set it as "automatic" (connection will always try to reposition itself to the closest side). This will provide more customisation on how connections are visualised. Also, dragging connections is now done by hovering outside the perimeter of the element instead of inside.
    • Debug window in play mode has been completely redesigned and now includes before render values and after render values. The before values can be modified to test scenarios directly in play mode. Also changed vars in the currently rendered element will be highlighted.
    • Play mode now displays attached components in elements: If an element has a cover AND components the components appear as thumbs at the bottom left corner of the cover. If an element has only attached components they expand to the full play mode width



    • Can now use Ctr/Cmd+Shft+V to paste a single copied element as a linked jumper or to replace a jumper's linked element. This should provide a more convenient way to create jumpers than hunting for the correct element in the search section.
    • Boards can now be renamed by double clicking on them.
    • Can now autocomplete mentions by pressing Tab besides Enter.
    • Can now create component/board/asset folders from sidebar root (new button appearing on hover the New component/New board/New asset buttons).
    • Improved indentation of left sidebar items and folders.



    • Fixed a nasty bug which would sometimes cause duplicate subscriptions (ouch!).
    • Element Linkedboard property does not get exported to JSON if empty.
    • Changing starting element now updates realtime in play mode.
    • Fixed a bug not displaying the arcweave.com/arcjam page to non-logged in users