Version 2.10.0 - Sound assets, Arcscript visits function, Arcscript in connection labels

  • TB
    Tyron Byrns 1 year ago

    Hi everyone,

    We have some pretty important new additions in this release! You may upload and use audio and sounds in your Arcweave projects! Moreover a highly anticipated feature was the ability to find out how many times an element has been visited during playmode and we added such a function - visits(). Finally more flexibility in the design is offered by allowing Arcscript inside connection labels, since now you will be able to customize element behaviour based on the user option. 


    • Audio/sounds: Upload audio and sounds the same way you do it for images. You may then drag and drop the audio/sound assets on elements and configure their behaviour in play mode.
    • visits(): To quickly check if this is the 1st time the user is in an element you do not need to create a new variable. Just use visits() == 1. The function can also check other elements, besides the current one, by supplying it an element.
    • Connection label arscript: You may now use arcscript in connections thus having a lot more flexibility in how you handle logic.


    We doubled our free user limit to 200 items! Now free users may experiment more freely having 200 instead of 100 project items.



    • We fixed a FireFox scrolling issue in play mode.
    • We fixed a bug that was observed sometimes after creating a new connection. The connection endpoints would not update.