Version 1.8 - Component lists as component attributes, mentions in attributes, replace asset

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 10 months ago

    A bonus November update with some long requested quality-of-UX-life improvements! Also components had been left for a while without love and we decided to give them their long-sought attention 👀 


    • New component attribute - Component list. Apart from text attributes component lists can now be created inside components and store other component references (same to component lists on elements). Attach components to a component list by dragging and dropping them from the sidebar. Extremely handy for character inventories, puzzle pieces, locations e.t.c
    • Mentions in attributes: Text attributes can now hold @mentions to components and boards.
    • Replace asset: Can now replace an asset by right clicking on the asset item in the sidebar. All previous asset references will be replaced with the new asset throughout the project.


    • Improved transitions inside component edit view
    • Sidebar is now accessible while in component edit view
    • Can now drag and drop an asset to set it as component cover while in component edit view
    • Opening a component in edit view will now select and navigate to it in the sidebar
    • Updated example project to showcase new features


    • Fixed a bug where pasting an element together with a linked jumper would throw an error
    • Fixed an issue where mouse click on component edit modal scrollbar  would exit component edit view
    • Fixed an issue where elements and notes could be resized out of board limits
    • Fixed an issue where pressing tab while editing a connection label would not remove the label toolbar
    • Can now press enter to exit editing an attribute label
    • Fixed a bug with jumpers sometimes not showing the linked element title


    • Component attribute fields now have a name field instead of label
    • Component attribute fields now have a value field instead of content which is an object of the form { data, type }

    Take care everyone and keep creating awesome stuff!