Version 1.5 - Website update, +3800 icons, Touch improvements

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 11 months ago

    Hello arcweavers! 

    Finally May is here with hopefully more optimism for the rest of 2020. Keep staying healthy, creative and positive and we will all get through this safely. Aaand one more update with new stuff to keep you productive and happy 😁


    • New icon library & icon search: We implemented 3800+ icons from game-icons.net as well as icon search functionality. Icons can now be opened in full view inside the component modal.


    • Website redesign and new logo: We have refreshed our brand and logo. Our website was also redesigned from the ground up to have updated content and be faster and more responsive. 
    • Touch device improvements inside the app: Improved/added app interactions for touch devices:
      • Pinch to zoom
      • Double tap to edit element/note content
      • Drag n drop components,boards,elements from sidebar
      • Long press to edit component/board/element/note
      • Long press to create new element/note/jumper
      • Responsive project list and account sections
    • Project viewers and guests can now double click on element/note content to select the text.
    • Changing page in play mode now automatically scrolls browser window to top.
    • Better website chat support system.
    • Dragging a board from the sidebar to the workspace will now create a new element with the board mentioned in the element title.


    • Fixed a bug where leaving an unfinished mention (@) on element/node edit would not open the suggestion menu when clicking right after the @.
    • Cursor style fixes in project guest/viewer view

     Cheers and stay safe everyone!