Version 1.4.1 - Plan change, board word count

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 1 year ago

    Hi all, 

    Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in these trying times. At Arcweave we are doing our best to stay productive and keep providing the best software for collaborative game design and content management. Below our latest update:


    • Plan change: Users can now switch / upgrade their current plan. Any excess credit remaining on their previous plan will be prorated to the new plan and will be subtracted first before charging their default payment method.
    • Word count in boards: Board properties now show total word count for element and connection label content inside the board.


    • JSON export now includes jumper link data (the id of the element that each jumper links to)


    • Fixed a bug where projects with a lot of content/history would sometimes reach a memory limit and prevent further editing.
    • Fixed a bug where cutting/pasting elements with connections would sometimes throw an error.