Version 0.7 update

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 5 years ago

    Another update incoming! On to the meaty stuff:

    • Project export: Now you can download a .zip file with all the project board, component, element and connection data. Images are also exported in a separate folder as a bonus. Export away!
    • Board mentions: Typing @ inside elements now shows the option to include boards as well as components. Clicking on a mentioned board will take you to the board directly.
    • Customisable field size inside components: Fields inside components now support either ful size or half size for more customisation of your components appearance. 
    • Reduced double clicking : Attached components and element mentions now open with a single click instead of a double click for faster and more joyful interactions.
    • More image formats: Added support for .BMP and .TIFF image uploads (& drags from web)