Version 0.6 update

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 5 years ago

    Hi! Here we are again with new stuff:

    • Undo/Redo: Undoing and redoing previous actions is finally here! Use ctr+Z (undo) and shft+Ctr+Z (redo).
    • Updated resizing of elements : Selecting an element now shows 8 amazing resizing handles. Get crazy with resizing!
    • New account section in profile: Where you can view/change your user name, email and even password. Current plan can also be found there.
    • Easier selection of components/boards: All this double clicking was getting tiresome, we know, so now you can edit a component or access a board from the sidebar with a single click. Mentions and components inside elements still need double click to activate.
    • Board title in workspace: Whenever you are inside a board you will now see the board title with the project name at the top left of the workspace.
    • Profile menu: Added homepage to the profile menu and improved appearance of sections
    • Example project for new registrations: New user registrations now start with an example project to get them better introduced to Arcweave
    • Batch change color: Multi selecting elements and changing element theme will now affect all selected elements
    • Various Bug fixes/improvements: 
      • Deleting multiple nodes does not lead to page crash anymore
      • Project list shows updated project modification dates
      • Resizing elements works correctly in all 8 directions now
      • Dragging and dropping components/boards in sidebar folders has been improved 

    Cheers! Don't forget to bring to our attention any bugs that need squashing or new features you would like to see in a forum post!

  • P
    Parouni 5 years ago

    Hello again!

    Good to see lots of updates recently. Undo/Redo is good to have. No buttons at the bottom left though, only shortcuts (which is quite enough for me, but just asking). Can we also have cmd-z and shift-cmd-z for macos users please?


  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 5 years ago

    Hi Parouni,

    Glad you like the updates. For now we have decided to not include the undo/redo buttons in the UI and keep them only as shortcuts. That said, in the next update we will make sure to support cmd+z/cmd+shft+z as well for macos users.

    Thanks for the feedback!