Version 0.5 update

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 5 years ago

    Hi everyone! We just updated Arcweave to the latest version. This update was a bit strenuous and required a lot of reworking on our core infrastructure but we are really happy with the new features and improvements. So here's whats new:

    • Project sharing : You can now share your project via the share button at the top right corner of the UI (near the profile icon). By enabling the switch you can share the project URL and anyone can take a look at your work. At any time you can turn the switch off and the project will become private again.
    • Mention components in element titles and connection labels: Mentions (@) can now be used in element titles and connection labels.
    • Quickly create elements with attached component: You can now drag n drop a component from the sidebar on an empty spot on the board and a new element with the following properties will be created:
      • Component mentioned on the element title
      • Component attached on the element

        This shortcut action seems to be very helpful when creating dialogues and interactions between two entities... Well, at least to us and hopefully to you too.
    • Forum section: Yeah... that thing you are reading right now. 
    • Zoom in / Zoom out buttons on the UI: You can also use the shortcut buttons (+ = zoom in, - = zoom out, 0 = 100% zoom)
    • Shortcuts summary: You can access the list with the app shortcuts from your profile dropdown now. We will make sure to keep it updated with all the new shortcuts that get added. 
    • Various Bug fixes: 
      • No more self pointing arrows
      • Fixed random stray connections
      • Mention dropdowns should always position themseves correctly

    Hope you all like the update! Let us know on any bugs that need squashing or any new features you would like to see implemented by making a forum post on the relevant category. Cheers!