• SC
    Stephen Crowley 2 years ago

    Are there any Unity projects from Arcweave I can look at? I can imagine that in Unity, so much can be done to turn the Arcweave import into a game for posting out. I am not too familiar with Unity and tbh don't want to bother with C#. There are lots of tools and plugins for Unity though so what has been accomplished?

  • TB
    Tyron Byrns 2 years ago

    Unfortunately we haven't created more sample projects for the Unity plugin, besides the one described in the documentation: https://github.com/Tasta/arcweave-unity-plugin

    We plan to gradually create a more organized plugin handling, creating plugins for Unreal Engine and Godot. After the restructure of the Unity Plugin we should probably take the time to create more sample projects to showcase different scenarios.

    The current Unity Plugin implements the Arcweave Play Mode inside a Unity project (with the restriction of Branches and Arcscript).