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How to Collaborate?

General Discussion
  • Auroratide 1 year ago

    Hey all! Arcweave seems like a super cool tool for building out complex storylines.

    So my friend and I are working together on a game, and we would like to know if anyone has found a good way to collaborate using Arcweave. Probably there isn't live-collaboration like there is with Trello since Arcweave is rather young, but has anyone had success using the export-to-json feature?

    My idea was to export-to-json, save it to a git repository, and then import anytime my friend made edits. And if we want to work simultaneously, we just screenshare and chat.

    But I don't see an import json option anywhere. Is there a way to import json, or perhaps have people found a different way to collaborate?


  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 1 year ago

    Hi Auroratide,

    We do not yet support project import and team projects, so as a temporary solution i would suggest to share one account between the two of you and log in asynchronously (only one of you at a time) to work on the project.

    Please take care, since if you are both editing the project at the same time it will likely lead to data corruption. 

    Thanks for trying out Arcweave!  

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