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Output ports on Nodes

Feature Requests & Suggestions
  • Billy Attaway 1 year ago

     It'd be useful if it were possible to add little ports to the edge of nodes and adjust their color to signify a flow direction. This could be used for conditional nodes, rather having to work around it by creating additional nodes or adding text to the flow arrow.

  • PK
    Panayotis Kalaitzoglou 1 year ago

    I am not exactly sure what you mean. Maybe allow customization of the arrow starting and ending points? Coloring the arrows is a feature we were also planning to allow.

  • Billy Attaway 1 year ago

    Coloring would be super useful as well.

    Here are a few images of what I'm thinking;

    Or something more custom like, input & output ports to display nesting and passing of data; 


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