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Node Mentioning (Linking)

Feature Requests & Suggestions
  • Billy Attaway 1 year ago

    I love Arcweave so far. It looks and feels way better than Articy:Draft 3, but there's still some Flow features missing.

    It'd be really nice to be able to reference other nodes, not only boards.
    For example, when using a Hub and needing to show how dialogue leads back to that Hub once it's finished. When there are only a few dialogue branches, this isn't a problem. However, as soon as there's more than 3, the board becomes much more difficult to read.

    I would attach photos showing the problem and how this could be done, but doesn't seem like I can upload so here's how Articy does it.


  • PK
    Panayotis Kalaitzoglou 1 year ago

    Yes, we are aware that mentioning not only boards but also specific elements could be valuable in some cases. It is an improvement that we have in mind and are seeking a way to implement it in a user-friendly way (submenus on mentioning perhaps?).


    Arcweave Development Team 

  • Billy Attaway 1 year ago

    Submenus could be great!

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