• Simon Keating 3 years ago

    You have a great product in the making!

    I would love to see custom properties that can be exported with JSON export. If we can just add some custom variables (string,bool,number) of our own then our game code can do the rest once it reads the JSON.

    Currently the only way to do this is to hack something into the content string and have our game code parse some special case string.

    For example I want to be able to do a particle effect on a certain scene/element. If I could just add a string var of my own (something like myParticle="fire") then my own game code can look for a myParticle node in the JSON and display the right particle at the right time.

    If that happened I'd subscribe now :) 

    I see that variables are indeed on the roadmap, but when can we expect them? Cheers

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 3 years ago

    Hi Simon, and thanks for your kind words!

    Variables and conditions are being requested a lot recently! (Feel free to also fill our short survey here if you haven't already) Even though they are currently last in our roadmap we have done some preliminary work around them in order to:

    • Improve the export functionality and add them in the JSON (your use case)
    • Empower the "Play Mode" aspect of Arcweave in order to test states in different scenarios.

    I cannot currently give you an estimate as to when they will be added, however our plan is to tackle them full-on after our next release (October - November 2020). Cheers!

  • JD
    Jeremy Douglass 3 years ago

    I've also filled out the survey regarding a feature request for conditional statements and variables that can be used by Play Mode and exported -- as previously discussed in https://arcweave.com/forum/discussion/feature-requests-suggestions/suggestions-on-improvements

    Scripting can be a real can of worms, but these four basic things would cover a huge number of use cases:

    1. set variable on visit element
    2. set variable on select connection
    3. if variable = != < > x : display connection link
    4. if variable = != < > x : show content block within element