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    Adib Toriq 1 week ago

    First of all congratulation on the release of the collaboration option. That is awesome.

    my team and I planning to use arcweave for a story-heavy game (it will require about a couple of hundred thousands of words). The problem is we are often need proofreading or simply outsource the writing to someone outside our team. But we want to limit their access so they could only see their jobs.

    We could make a separate project, and import it to our core project, but we can't find any import button.  Is there any way to be able to import projects or at least copy-paste board from another project?


  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 1 week ago

    Hi Adib,

    Thanks for your kind words. Currently there is no way to import/duplicate a project, however a workaround that might help is the following: Select the content of the board you would like to copy (Shift + drag to create rectangle selection and Ctr+C) and then paste (Ctr+V) in the other project. Keep in mind though that components do not get copied to the new project through the clipboard (you would have to manually re-add them).

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