• Vaggelis Gavalakis 5 years ago

    Hello again!

    Here I am with yet another feature request :)

    I think that it would be really awesome if we can (somehow), define the incoming and outgoing direction of the connections to be fixed in repsects to the node element.

    While the automatic incoming and outgoing direction that is taking place now is great as it is, I find myself in the need of fixed connections direction more often than not, when for example the "graph" has a specific direction flow (top to bottom, or left to right).

    I hope that made sense, but if not, let me know.


  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 5 years ago

    Hi again Vageli,

    Yes, your suggestion makes absolute sense as this is something we ourselves found out that we need to do with our connections more often than not. We are considereing implementing a system where users can either snap their connection at the middle of the element (automatic - current behavior) OR snap it at one of the sides in which case it should stay pinned to that side.

    This feature will require some restructuring in our connection core system so it will probably get implemented later this year.

    Thanks for your suggestions!