Delete Board function not working

  • Michael Miller 4 years ago

    For some odd reason, when I right-click on a board listing on the left panel, it doesn't actually delete. Further, it sometimes seems to "copy" elements/nodes/etc from other boards that were previously displayed. Clicking on another board after the "deleted" one doesn't always load the contents of that board right away, either...I sometimes have to double-click that board to actually load it (and even that doesn't always work).

    The good news is that the boards I want to keep are still there, but it's freaking me out given the amount of time I've put into the content already.

    Other than that, most everything seems to be working fine as far as I can figure based on what you're trying to make this tool to be. LOVE IT! Well worth my money. And thank you, too!

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 4 years ago

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for letting us know on this bug. Can you share a few more details on the issues you encountered?

    • You mentioned that when you right click on a board it doesn't actually delete. The issue is that the board is not getting removed at all from the sidebar and you can still navigate it? Or something else happens?
    • "Further, it sometimes seems to "copy" elements/nodes/etc from other boards that were previously displayed." Can you clarify a bit more on what happens and when? Elements get copied when you switch or delete a board?
    • Loading can sometimes take a while if the board has a lot of content. When you click a board and it does not load the content, does it display is as an empty board or does it not switch at all to the new board?

    P.S.: We take multiple backups per day of all user content so your data is safe at all times :)