Collaboration doesn't work

  • TM
    Tomi Martikainen 2 years ago

    We just bought one year licence for this software as it would fill the needs we have at this point in our game development process. Unfortunately we cannot collaborate with my team member in the boards realtime as the boards do not update.


    The boards do not update after the other editor has confirmed the changes they made
    The changes only show to the editor who made the change
    The changes disappear from the editor who made the change if they refresh the page

    This makes it impossible to work on the project together at same time which is the reason we chose this tool. Is this a bug and can it be fixed? Does anybody else have the same malfunction?

  • TM
    Tomi Martikainen 2 years ago

     If I transfer the ownership of the project to other team member and then they transfer it back. It seems that the update is working. I don't know if we need to do this every time we want to collaborate.

    After a while the problem just repeats:D

  • TB
    Tyron Byrns 2 years ago

    Please send us an e-mail with the project URL so we may take a look. In our test projects the collaboration seems to work as expected. It may be something non-related to collaboration.

  • TM
    Tomi Martikainen 2 years ago

    Thank you for your response. I have sent the required information via email.