Version 2.0 - Arcscript, Branches & Global variables

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 8 months ago

    Hey awesome creative people,

    Manos here with a brand new update: We are extremely excited to bring you Arcweave v2.0 🔥

    It's been a rocky road but we couldn't be prouder of how tall this little design software has grown: The introduction of our new, gloriously-named scripting language Arcscript signals a new era for your content management and design needs, as Arcweave can now be used to create fully interactive games and gamified experiences. But let's unceremoniously dive into the nitty gritty:


    • Global variables: You can now define global variables for your project by the new Global variables button (duh) at the bottom of the left sidebar. Variables have name, type (string, boolean, integer, float), initial value and can be manipulated via arcscript.
    • Arcscript: Pretty basic scripting for now, check the docs for more details on what is supported. Arcscript can be added inside element content via the new toolbar button or the Ctr+Shift+\ shortcut. It does not currently support much but bear with us, we promise it will soon be a lot more powerful.
    • Branches [New item type]: Branches can be used to display connections in Play mode based on specific conditions, e.g. variable values. You can imagine branches as similar to if statements in code: Using them can allow for new clickable options to show/hide during Play mode 🌿


    • Added project search in project list and project owner icon in project mini card
    • Updated docs with the new features and improved text readability and color contrast
    • Updated example project to illustrate the use of arcscript, branches and variables (you can recreate it from project list to check a simple use of the above)
    • Added branches, variables & conditions in all export types


    • Fixed a bug where deleting multiple connections would sometimes not register
    • Fixed an issue where clicking on element/note would sometimes not select it
    • Element and note font now renders properly on Chrome zoom in/zoom out
    • Many more minor fixes and improvements 🎣


    The Arcweave Unity plugin does not yet support branches & arcscript, please do not use variables, branches or arcscript code in your project if you plan to export and import it to Unity via the official plugin!