Version 1.6 - Image assets[Beta], Search, Duplicate project

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 9 months ago

    Hi all,

    A July update from super hot and humid Greece! It's a little hard to be productive with 36°C outside, however we are very excited as we somehow managed to add some great new Arcweave stuff AND still plan for more updates to come during the summer 😀 Stay safe everyone! 


    • Image Assets [Beta]: Added support for uploading images as assets (a new Assets section has been introduced at the top of the left sidebar) An uploaded image asset can be attached as cover to one or more elements or components, no need for reuploading the same image multiple times anymore! Some additional info on assets:
      • They can be attached to elements via drag n drop, (same way with attaching components to an element) or via the element right-click menu
      • They can be renamed and can be structured in folders (same as board and component folders)
      • Their data is added to the exported JSON. All asset files are also included in the .zip with their project folder structure (e.g. assets under the folder characters will be inside the exported .zip in assets/characters)
      • In the next updates we plan to add the option to replace assets  as well as allow uploading of non-image asset types
    • Search: Ctr/Cmd + F opens now the search section: Search looks in all project board titles, elements, components, connection labels, notes and jumpers. Clicking on a search result will move the view to the clicked item.
    • Duplicate project: A project can now be duplicated by right clicking (or throught the three dots menu) on the project card in the "My projects" section. Duplicating projects is accessible to pro and team subscribers.


    • Icons as covers in elements: Can now pick an icon from the icon library as cover for an element. The icon will also appear in play mode.
    • Double click opens an element cover: Double clicking on an element cover will now show it in full size view with its asset name and size details. 
    • Connection colors: Right click on a connection and color it away!
    • Autoresize element/note height:  Double click on the element/note resize handles to automatically set the element/note height to fit its content.
    • Creating a component, board, asset or folder inside a collapsed folder now expands the folder.
    • Exported JSON now includes project cover data
    • Updated sidebar UX/UI  
    • Website overall performance improvements


    • Selecting text inside an element/node will now correctly highlight selected mentions.
    • Forum improvements for mobile screens.
    • Fixed a font issue in component attributes.
    • Scrolling an element/note content will now not select the element/note
    • If an empty element has a cover image or icon play mode now does not show the [this element has no content] text.