Version 1.4 - Jumpers, Play mode & Images in Elements

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 1 year ago

    Hi Arcweavers, 

    This is another significant update and one that we were aiming to do for quite some time. We are very excited on how Arcweave is shaping up as a fully-fledged content management and prototyping software and have many more ideas on how to improve it even further in the next few months. On to the good stuff:


    • Jumpers: You can now drag n drop elements from the sidebar on the board to create jumpers (links to these elements). Clicking on a jumper element title will center the view on the linked element. To change a jumper target you can drag n drop a new element from the sidebar on top of the jumper. Jumpers show the color of the linked element. 
    • Cover images in elements: Elements can now have cover images, which are visualised both in graph view and play mode (see next bullet). To attach an image to an element right click on the element and select 'upload cover'. Element covers are also exported as assets in JSON export.
    • Play mode: Arcweave can now create simple choice-based games from your projects. Right click on an element to set it as 'starting element' and click on the play mode button.
      • Each element becomes a separate "page" in the prototype/play mode
      • Connection labels become clickable choice buttons. If an element has a connection to another element the button label will be a) the connection label b) if the connection has no label it will be the element title and c)if the connection has no label and the element has no title it will be the element content trimmed
      • Choice button order can be changed via drag n drop inside the prototype
    • New example project: We have created a brand new example project to demonstrate the updated capabilities of Arcweave. You can create/recreate it at any time from the project list screen.


    • Introduced an error state modal which forces a window refresh if the app did not manage to sync to the server due to a bug/glitch. That way we can prevent data loss and users get notified on what happened (and perhaps manage to recreate it) 
    • Newly created elements, notes and jumpers now snap to grid immediately if snap is enabled
    • Element and note style icons improvements



    • Fixed a bug where duplicating a component would not duplicate its attributes