Version 1.3 [Realtime collab beta]

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 1 year ago

    Hello everyone,

    First of all, thank you for your patience! This has been our hardest and most demanding release so far and took us many months to develop. We are very proud of it as Arcweave is now finally becoming the collaborative app we envisioned when me and Panos first started talking about it, not so long ago :) 

    On to the juicy parts! 🤓



    • Project sharing and realtime collaboration: Projects are now shareable with other Arcweave users. A collaborator can be added either as an editor (full edit permissions) or viewer (read only). Collaborators that are simultaneously inside the same project are able to see each other's cursor and thumbnail. Cursor and thumb color can be changed from the account settings. Clicking on a collaborator thumbnail moves the workspace to that collaborators current board/coordinates.
    • Board properties: Right clicking on a board and selecting 'Properties' will now open a modal box where users can set an exportable custom board ID and see the number of elements, notes and components used in the board.
    • Spellchecking: Users can now enable spellchecking on a project (off by default) which will enable the browser spellchecking functionality (e.g. red underlining of spelling/grammar mistakes in Chrome). The switch has been added to the Project Settings dropdown (cog at the navbar)


    • Improved performance on pan/zoom/component attachment on boards with >100 elements
    • Improved website page loading speed 
    • Reduced project loading times  
    • Can now add cover image/thumb to projects
    • Right clicking on a project card will now invoke the contextmenu (previously could be done only by the three dots in the upper right corner of the card)
    • Creating a new project will now immediately open it as well
    • Pasting now pastes at the location of the cursor (previously at the center of the window) 
    • Firefox element and note scrollbar style improved
    • Project title can no longer be empty


    • Fixed: Flickering effect & unselectable endpoints on some connections
    • Fixed: Clicking and dragging on a connection would select label text
    • Fixed: Double clicking on elements/notes sometimes would not work on firefox
    • Fixed: Dragging an element or component from a mention link the click event no longer registers
    • Fixed: Clicking on sidebar elements would not trigger animations after switching projects
    • Fixed: Shift clicking multiple connections would also select their label content
    • Fixed: Firefox on MacOS would not register element toolbar button clicks

    Hope you like this release as much as we do 😁 You can also check our updated roadmap for more interesting stuff coming during the next months.

    Cheers and onwards to a creative 2020!