• Manos Kalaitzoglou 1 year ago

    Hello everyone, first winter update! Keep an eye out for an even bigger one coming later this month ;)


    • Sidebar Elements: Boards are now expandable/collapsible revealing the elements inside them. Elements can be clicked to quickly navigate to their location, can be deleted via the contextmenu and can be reordered with drag-n-drop under the same board. If an element does not have a title, the first 100 chars of the content will show as its name.


    • Rectangular selection(Shift/Ctrl/Cmd+drag) is now responsive and items get selected immediately as they touch the selection rectangle (previously needed to be fully enclosed)
    • Contextmenu now repositions itself correctly inside the browser window 
    • Opening contextmenu in sidebar items now highlights the selected item
    • Create/Edit Element is now prevented if Shift/Ctr/Cmd key is pressed
    • ESC now deselects current board selection
    • Improved styling for drag state of the sidebar items (components, folders, boards)
    • Can now create sidebar components, folders and boards to the current tree level via the contextmenu
    • Connections now show contextmenu on right click


    • Contextmenu and its submenus now position correctly if they appear at the edges of the window
    • Zooming to 100% now zooms correctly at the center of the window
    • Fit selection to screen now animates properly
    • Component attribute reordering now works correctly

     A good month to all!