• Manos Kalaitzoglou 1 year ago

    Hey everyone, we made it to v1!

    This has been a long update with us integrating Stripe as our payment processor and restructuring the app architecture from the grounds app to set things up for online collaboration. Now that much of the bulk work has been done we will (hopefully) be able to rollout new features faster!

    But enough of that, below a list of the changes that you actually care for:

    New features:

    • Pricing model: You can now throw your hard earned cash to your favorite online game design tool! Check our pricing page for details and a FAQ on the current state of the different tier options.
    • Snap to grid/ Show grid: Turn on/off snap to grid per project from the cog menu at the top right of the workspace
    • Delete current board: Delete currently working board by right clicking on the board name in the boards list (previously could only delete other boards)



    • Faster and more responsive copy/paste
    • Faster undo/redo
    • Improved left click threshold for easier element/note selection
    • UI indication if server is down or user is offline



    • Can now change password from profile settings
    • Forum posts show both firstname and lastname
    • All http and www calls now redirect to https
    • Deleting/updating components updates info in clipboard correctly (related to undo,redo)
    • Pasting now properly shows resize handles for the selected pasted elements
    • New element/new note buttons do not get duplicated any more while dragging and dropping them on top of each other
    • Can now succesfully delete selected notes from contextmenu (right click -> delete)