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Version 0.9 update

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 11 months ago

    Hello everyone! A couple new features in this update :)

    • Component Icons: We implemented the option to change the default component icon. We have included 32 icons but we will be adding more in subsequent updates. You can change a component icon from two locations inside the app:
      • Workspace: Right click on the component in the sidebar and select "Icon/Image..."
      • Component modal: Click on the appearing "Change" button at the top right corner of the modal.
    • User avatar: You can now add/change your avatar from your account -> profile section. Your avatar will appear in your forum posts and will be your visual identity throughout Arcweave.

    Let us know on any new icons you would like implemented or any other remarks you may have. Cheers and thanks for using Arcweave! 

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